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Dam : Sire: Expecting Date:
Skybank Kodacolour        Dilute Calico Exotic LH Kenloch Eclips                              Black Exotic
       7th May 
Kyaleen's Arielle                    Orange Eyed White Persian Kenloch Eclips                             Black Exotic
      11th May
Skybank Critic's Choice     Blue-Cream Tabby Exotic Skybank Nice Nobey Boy         Cream Classic Tabby Exotic
      20th May
Kalem Chinia Saki                  Brown Classic Tabby Exotic DK Bonna's Play With Me       Harlerquin Red/White Exotic
      24th May
Kalem Maskerade                 Sealpoint Exotic LH DK Bonna's Play With Me    Harlerquin Red/White Exotic
       1st June



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